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Celebrating Peace and Fall Equinox


Sept 22, 11 am to 3 pm.

Four Mile Beach, 3810 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Celebrating 2x1
International day of peace and Fall Equinox


Drumming circle, Music, Singing, Dancing, Fun!


This is an invitation to come together as community and raise to vibrations of joy, happiness, love, selfness and compassion.

For a greater self to reflection of greater world.

We will share a pot luck to close our ceremony, so please bring a vegetarian dish to share, nothing fancy something easy and practical. Please bring your own bottle of water, beach towels to sit if you like or beach chair, bring your own personal drum if you have or any other percussion instruments (note: it will be some drums and shakers available first come first serve).


Flowers to offer to the spirit of the ocean and to create a mandala. Be prepared with hats, weather maybe interesting so you might want to be prepared for cool weather.

Family friendly : Drugs and alcohol free event!


Also remind you to bring things that are litter friendly, so lets be mindful of and bring some bags to collect our own trash.

Seems like everything is cover so any ideas to make this collaborative are welcome.


Lets have fun!

Please bring utensils to serve your food.  Bring forks and plates :-)

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