This purchase includes 2pcs Magnetic Massage Ball and an instructional video.


Video shows instruction of using the magnetic massage ball(s) to stimulate life force (chi), blood and circulation to rejuvenate our facial, may have the result of firming and uplifting facial, looking younger, more vibrant and healthier.

Magnetic Massge for Face Lift

庫存單位: MMBS10
  • Magnetic spiky ball for massage and stimulation of blood and chi circulation. 

    Color: Gold

    Measurement: 35.83 mm in diameter

    Caution: Magnet massage ball carries magnetic field. They could damage TVs and laptops, computer hard drives, credit and ATM cards, data storage media, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers. Keep magnets away from devices and objects that could be damaged by strong magnetic fields.  Keep away from children.  Please consult your physician(s) if you have metal or pace makers, and any queries and concerns before using the magnet massage balls.


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