YaYou Sacred Art of Living and Flourishing Services

Experience a unique and celestial healing blessing in person or remotely.

A healing blessing session with Divine Love, Light, Compassion, Joy.... through a joyful, pleasant, humble servant of humanity.

Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing       (In Person only $222)

                                                               (Via Zoom Chanting $81)

Tao Oneness Calligraphy Blessing     $300

Divine Healing Hands Blessing            $181

Tao Hands Blessing                              $201

Soulful Massage                                    $333


4 Point Touch to Reverse Aging - Package of 20 sessions - $3333

Space Clearing                         $111-688

Vibrational Massage                 $181

Sonic Facial Reflexology          $123
Ancient Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls, Ganta and Tingsha                          $123 (GPN)

Integral Sound Healing with Drum, Tuning Forks, Crystal and Himalayan Bowls    $123 (GPN)

Body Downsizing AcuSonic : Package of 20 sessions $3333.  Single Session for $181

Beauty Face Toning and Firming : Package of 20 sessions $3333.  Single Session for $181

DNA Codes Activation                                                                                                     $181 

Access Bars                               $181

Access Body Package of 20 sessions $3620              

Access FaceLife Package of 20 sessions $3620

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki                               $123 (GPN).  Remote sessions $93

Holy Fire II UsUi Reiki                                   $123.  Remote sessions $81                

Usui & Karuna Reiki                                      $123.  Remote sessions $81

Therapeutic Massage       $271 (90 minute session)

Rejuvenate Massage        $271 (90 minute session)

Hypnotic Massage            $181

TuiNa and Acupressure   $181.

Prenatal Massage             $123.

Postpartum Massage        $181.

Rosewood Stick Massage $181.

AcuSonic Chair Massage (Shop and Corporate Chair Event).  $2.7 per minute.  Minimum 30 minute

Full Body Sound Healing Session.  2 hours minimum.  $181 per hour.  Travelling charge $1.2 per minute drive

Online Training Courses

   Tao Hands/Divine Healing Hands Blessing


                           Candie is a certified Tao Hands

                    and Divine Healing                                              Hands practitioner.



                                            US$181.00 per each blessing.

                                      Package of 3 session is US$363.00


               Tao Hands and Divine Healing Hands carry divine frequency and vibration with divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light, which remove soul, mind and body blockages from every aspect of life, including physical, mental, emotional, relationship, finance.... 


DaBeiZhou Crown Chakra Blessing

My honor to be a Ten Thousand Hands and Eyes Quan Yin Lineage.

DaBeiZhou - Greatest Compassionate Mantra - has 88 lines which consists of 87 Buddhas name.

When I was in Hong Kong, I heard adults talked about DaBeiZhou, people chant 49 times by holding a glass of water, and pass to those in need of healing to drink ... people feel better  .....

I am honor to serve you with the Buddhas and Quan Yin.

The honoring fee for a DaBeiZhou Quan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing is $222.

Chanting DeBeiZhou to transform life of yourself, your loved ones, family and animal friends is $181.00.  Blessing can be delivered in person, by phone, or through a photo of the recipient.

Please connect to the 87 Buddhas's below.

1.  Nan Mo He La Da Nu Do La Ye Ye
2 - Nan Mo Wo Lie Ye
7 - An
8. Sa Ben La Fa Yi
13 - Xi Li Mo Hu Ben Do Sa Mi
15 – Wo Shi Yun
18 – Da Zhi To
20 – Lu Jia Di
21 – Jia Lo Di
30 – Tuo Lo Tuo Lo
31 – Sai Li Ni
33 – Zhe La Zhe La
37 – Shi Nu Shi Nu
49 – Nu La Jin Chi
52- So Pu Hu
53 – Xi Tuo Ye
60 – Nu La Jin Chi
79 – So Ben La Ye
82 – Man Duo La
83 – Ben To Ye
86 -  Sheng Wen Sheng Zhuang Yan So Po Hu
Tao Oneness Calligraphy Blessing
Honoring fee is minimum US$300.00 and is according to Divine guidance. 
As a Certified Tao Oneness Calligraphy practitioner is a blessed one whom certified by the Divine and Tao Onesness Calligraphy Committee. 
Each Tao Oneness Calligraphy blessing can transform your life, including relationship, finance, business, intelligence, health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 
Soulful Massage
Single session: US$333.00 per 60 minute session.  
A Soulful Massage is a Soul Guided massage to address your need and the root cause of your Soul Heart Mind Body (Shen Qi  Jing) Blockages including relationship, finance, intelligence, business, and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Four Points Touch to Reverse Aging
Only available in package session.  20 package session for US$3333.00.  
Energetic touch energetically holding 4 important acupressure points to boost energy, stamina, vitality, immunity and reverse aging.  More than looking younger, more vibrant and shine, but also feels more energized, lighter, happier, rejuvenated.  And you can see results right after the session.

Activating DNA Codes with the Archangels 

(US$181.00 per in person session. 

"DNA is our human blueprint or text if you will.  It is the information that creates our physical body.  The challenge comes when some of that information gets out of sequence (misspelled) either through genetics, stress, toxins, or possibly through the validation of misinformation into our belief system.  Through conscious intention using specific vibrations in the etheric field, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, correct some of these misspellings and therefore create a better quality of life and assist humanity to the next step of bio-conscious evolution."  - Dr Hulsh

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki (GPN) or

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki

(Healing Session and Certification Training)

($181 per 60 minute session)

(Remote Healing session $93)


Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. It is included as part of our


Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. Some of the qualities students have experienced include:


  • Works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up.

  • Always respects free will.

  • Heals deeply and quickly without distress.

  • Heals relationships and interactions with others.

  • Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way.

  • Spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for every level of life experience.

  • Tends to develop all the personality traits that are healthy for a person to have such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace and so forth.

  • One of the more wonderful effects is a feeling of being loved. This is a deep and refined feeling that is very nurturing.

  • Once received, it continues to develop itself to be more evolved and effective

Space Clearing $111 each room.  (Entire House starts at $668)

Clearing a space is healing and transforming a space.

Space Clearing is to work with the energy that is the foundation of all existence.  A space contains the memory of everything that has occurred there, including the relationship you have with it, those memories impact your beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and your physical body.  Each memory has consciousness, has its own frequency and affects our relationships, health, and prosperity in a beneficial and non-beneficial manner.

Space Cleraing.JPG

Do you know your office, shop, house have energies present that affect you?

Science tells us that everything is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  We and our environment are in constant interaction with one another and a slight shifts can affect our mood, mental clarity, prosperity and our overall well being.

Who and when you need a Space Clearing?

Feeling off.

Site of frequent vandalism.

Had an argument or violence.

House on the market won't sell.

Something breaking repeatedly.

People won't come into your store.

Work really hard but prosperity evades you.

Got a divorce and want to take full energetic ownership of the home.

Would you like to create and leave a positive imprint of your energy and intention in that space so the space can fulfill its tasks.  This sacred ceremony helps us to awaken to that reality and make changes that shift the energy within the space and within our selves, impacting our lives thereafter.

Ancient Sacred Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls, Ganta, Tingsha, and Sound  $123 (GPN)

Ancient Sound Healing.JPG
Space Cleraing.JPG

Ancient Sacred Sound Healing

"If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.  One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes.  Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in this treatment of virtually any medical disorder."  

                                                                                           -Dr. Mitchel Gaynor,

                        Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the

                                                Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York

Integrated Sound Healing $123

Integrate the sound of drum to cleanse the aura and chakras, Tuning Forks on acupressure points to bring balance to a problematic spot and area, sound of Gong, Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes and Sound to bring balance to your whole being.

Integral Sound Healing.JPG
Integral Sound Healing 2.JPG

AcuSonic Chair/Body Massage (Including Corporate and InHome Service)

                                                                                                     (Chair massage $2.7 per minute, minimum 30 minutes)

                              (Full Body massage $181 per 60 minute, 2 hour minimum plus travelling expenses $1.3 per minute)

Sound/Vibrational Therapy – a powerful, non-invasive healing modality that uses vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field.


Singing bowls and tuning forks are placed on or close to your dressed body (within your auric field) and tapped gently with a mallet. The gentle vibrations and sounds on various parts of the body can help to establish a new pattern of balance, erasing the detrimental patterns caused by the negative resonance pattern of ill health.


Sound has many other effects on both conscious and unconscious levels often evolving emotional responses. It has a counterbalancing action upon the physical and emotional states of the body and mind. The power of sound can energize the body when tired, or relax the body by soothing the nervous system when we are angry. It also has the amazing ability to lift our spirits in times of depression and grief.


If you are stressed out, have a physical, emotional and mental health issues, sound therapy can provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain by....

  • Providing a pleasant sensation

  • Letting go of the old and limitations, embracing the new

  • Massaging and harmonishing body cells via sound and vibration

  • Deep relaxation achieved through soothing sounds rich in overtones and vibration

  • Removing tension, unblocking or releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body and much more


See Your Aura Life ​($88 per session)

Many of us curious about our aura and chakras condition, in this aura imaging session you will see your aura life, plus you will receive a 32 pages aura imaging report.  


It is very helpful if you have an aura imaging session before a massage, sound healing, meditation etc to focus on what the aura imaging report shows, and have another session to see if you need more quality time for your soul, heart, mind and body.  

Rejuvenating Massage

(US$273.00 per 90 minute session)

A relax and rejuvenating massage to unwind your soul, heart, mind and body after a long flight, busy day  with meetings / children or to kickoff your vacation.


Integration of :

TuiNa (Chinese Medical Massage)

Usui Reiki


Sound Healing

Swedish Massage

Aura & Chakra Balancing

Bian & Hot Stones Massage

Therapeutic Massage

(US$273.00 per 90 minute session)

We discuss and together set a massage session of obtaining a therapeutic benefit for your soul, heart, mind and body.


Integration of :

TuiNa (Chinese Medical Massage)

Karuna Reiki

Tendon Massage

Swedish Massage

Aura & Chakra Cleansing

Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

Bamboo and Redwood Stick Massage

Rejuvenate Hypnotic Massage 
(US$181.00 per 60 minute session.  


Combine hypnosis and Sacred Ancient Healing techniques to achieve soul, heart, mind and body in balance and harmony, rejuvenate and enabling deep healing and self-discovery. 

You will be amazed the healing power of touch to bring your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies aligned through hypnotherapy.



Prenatal Massage
(US$123.00 per 60 minute session.  Package of 6 session for US$699.00)

During your pregnancy a regular massage to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and of course makes you feel great and joy.


The whole massage session also tailored specifically to the needs of you and your changing body.


Postpartum Massage

(US$181.00 per 60 minute session.  Package of 6 session for US$799.00)

Important Information :
This information describes complimentary health techniques that may help to facilitate a person's body to heal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  We do not diagnose or treat physical, medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  Nor is it our intent to encourage people purchasing our products or use our techniques to diagnose or treat psychological or medical conditions, impairments or diseases.  As always, in the event of any of the above, seek the advice of a professional health practitioner  Our purpose is to create a free flow of energy by releasing blockages allowing the body, mind, emotions and spirit the opportunity to heal itself.