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Give thanks to my clients writing me testimonials that open the door to many people the benefits they received from The Source, The All That Is through me as a conduit, a channel of Love and Light.


Love and Blessing to all who writes, who reads, who hears, who connects and comes.....

DF (female) came to me for healing of asthma.


During our interview, I explained to DF that according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) asthma related to Lungs and kidneys and suggested her to work on the kidneys first and then we will move on to heal her lungs and sadness. Emotional body of lungs is sadness and I can see sadness and sorrow through her eyes.


I separate each of her requests in three healing blessing in one session on Nov 29, 2015. And a follow up of each on Dec 2, 2015.


I guided her to relax, be in a safe place and I offer Tao Calligraphy Healing Blessing and Hypnotic suggestions.


After the session on Nov 29, I can see client more relax and more energy vibrating. 


I met DF the day after the first session on Nov 29, 2015, her eyes spark with hope and joy, her whole face shines and her aura is more active, vibrant and bigger.


I offer a second healing blessing with whatever the best for her.


D.F.  Nov 29, 2015


Healing blessing for kidneys:


“I am honored to work with Candie and to receive a healing blessing to the kidneys for resolving my long standing issues with chronic asthma 26+ years. It is recurring.


I still in the High Heaven's Temple even after this Beautiful healing for my kidneys Shen Qi Jing (Soul Energy Matter) blockages.


My kidneys now are enlivened, the energy is more increased, there is profound peace and message I am now receiving that I can accomplish and be successful in every aspect of having and maintaining a healthy, flourishing Master Sha Soul Healing Group in my new home area Arizona.


My back and spine are open now.


There is a buzzing and energy flow now inside my entire torso!


There is a tremendous feeling with Great Space inside my body. The tightness is dissipated also now. CBD's CBD's CBD's."


Report on Dec 2 after the first session on Nov 29, 2015:


"The tightness and pain in my back and kidneys is gone since treatment with Candie.


I know that many Shen Qi Jing blockages are now gone, Thanks to the love from Candie and the countless Saints, Saints Animals, Heaven's Treasures and Temples with in the Sacred Tao Calligraphy Healing Blessing I have received.


Heaven has come to Mother earth in this Powerful modality to heal and transform all humanity. We are all Blessed. I am very grateful!!!"


***   ***   ***


Follow Up on Dec 2, 2015 – Healing Blessing for Kidneys


On Dec 2, 2015 I offer DF a follow up healing session to allow deeper and more permanent healing.


Here is DF's testimonial.


“Wow, I did not know how many blockages can be insdie of my kidneys.


Today many more Shen Qing Jing (Soul Energy Matter) blockages have left from this healing session.


There is more room inside and outside of my kidneys now. There was aching in my kidneys are when me started this session today that are also gone!


Thank you Candie and Tao Calligraphy Healing Blessings!


CBD's (Countless Bow Downs) Master Sha, I am your humble servant.”

D.F.  Nov 29, 2015


Healing Blessing for Lungs and Sadness


This healing blessing focused on lungs and its emotional body, to heal asthma and release of sadness, coughing and increase courage.


This is DF's testimonial after the session.


“I was deep in sadness purification for a long time because I realise further my mistakes in more of my lifetimes prior to this healing for sadness, cough and courage issues. Right now I am lifted out from the profound sadness I have been in for many months!


My breathing is less tight now. I have chronic asthma.


I feel more encouraged now to speak out the Truth and to let the people know that Heaven is here now is a Big way to help us all transform our Shen Qi Jing (Soul Energy Matter) blockages of all life. My concern level is dropping down now for my spiritual tasks to manifest sooner and successfully. How Blessed we are. I want to serve serve serve asap on Mother Earth and to serve all Planets, Stars, Galaxies and Universes. TY TY TY (Thank You Thank You Thank You)”


Report on Dec 2 after the first session on Nov 29, 2015:


“Last night I did not need my breathing machine for the 1st time! This means I slept all night long and no cough!


My sadness is so transformed that I stood up before everyone to speak of my idea how to grow the Mission with no fear and enthusiasm. I have been missing this fun part of me for over 1 ½ years. I'm back, authentic and truly happy all because of the Love and generosity of Candie and Tao Calligraphy healing blessings. I have a confidence now to go forward in my own way to build and gather my Master Sha Soul Healing Group for Gilbert, Arizona. TY TY TY (Thank You Thank You Thank You).


Do not miss your Blessing with Candie & Tao Calligraphy Blessing!”


***   ***   ***

Follow Up session on Dec 2, 2015:

Blessing to Harmonize Lungs and Kidneys


Here is DF's testimonial after the session.


“Candie did chanting for me along with the Tao Calligraphy writing. I love her voice and singing and positive messages delivered with Tao Calligraphy writing and blessings!


I look forward to the Greater Harmony of my lungs and kidneys together with this Tao Calligraphy Blessing. TY TY TY”



D.F. Nov 29, 2015


Further Healing Blessing for Sadness


“The deeper release of sadness, grief, fear is leaving me now. How Blessed I am that I have a new beginning and new Blue Print with Master Sha, Tao Calligraphy Healing and the generous offer of assistance from Candie!


There is a release, ease and peace inside me now that I have not felt for so long. It is a who must Let Go. Namo Ai Mi Tuo Fu and Master Sha I love you eternally. Please reside in my Heart and Soul so I may serve the countless Souls so they may transform Heal and see their own Yuan Shen and EXPRESS it Openly truly and Genuinely to all Souls!


The Da Ai of Master Sha, his Teams in Heaven and now on Mother Earth are here and awaiting all who asks for Help to start maintain and keep the Tao Journey that leads all Wan Ling Back Home again.


I am so humbled and happy and grateful to play my part and offer Heaven's Treasures and Teachings well to all Souls evermore. CBD's CBD's CBD', Xiu Lian and more. TY TY TY I am honored to serve. LU LU LU (Love You) Master Sha!”


Report on Dec 2, 2015 after the first session on Nov 29, 2015:


“I feel like a new person and at the same time, I also experience my at ease/fun side, my Yuan Shen more authentic self!!!


After just 2 days this is Huge transformation for me to move forwards on my spiritual journey to serve all Souls. My gratitude is just too Big for words. TY TY TY. LU LU LU.


This work really really removes the Shen Qi Jing blockages of all life!"


*** *** ***

Below is Testimonial for a Follow Up session on Dec 2, 2015:


"Yesterday, Master Sha asked us to dance like wild on stage during His teaching. Usually my “exterior with dance & movement” could take over an hour to calm down and balance. Yet I had no asthma attack. I did not have to get back to my room to get on the breathing machine.


What happened in this Tao Calligraphy Blessing today is a further releasing of SQJ (Shen Qi Jing) blockages in my lungs, where I have high level blockages and sorrow. I am grateful for the blessings to my lungs especially because, I am able to be present for more of Master Sha's retreat.


Today He started teaching Da Ai Yi Bi Zi oneness writing and I know I had to hurry back to my room for the brush and Tao Calligraphy writing mat. Hurry I did so as not to miss His teaching! This usually could trigger asthma attack as I had to run as best I could.


No asthma attack occurred, I have not missed class or blessings, TY TY TY for Tao Calligraphy Blessings!”

DF (Female) Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Increase Memory and Build her Soul Healing Group.


DF feels great with her previous session on Nov 29. DF is in her Spiritual Journey and would like to remember her Spiritual Teacher's teaching including Chinese Sacred Text and Chanting. Chinese is a new language to DF.


This session focus on photographic memory, remembering what she sees, hears, learns, reads etc from sources of love, light, high frequency and positive stores in her Heart Charka and ready for her to use.


“I have been studying and chanting all I can to finish learning the Tao II Classic – 220 sacred phrases. I am nearly complete for this task with yet a bit more left to go. Candie chanted and expressed positive messages for me and wrote Tao Calligraphy for me to memorize well. My spiritual taks and to form a successful Soul Healing Group and happy clients and regular attendance.


I look forward to how many SQJ (Shen Qi Jing) blockages will be removed in the days to come. Ty Master Sha. LU Master Sha, Tao Calligraphy Blessings and servants like Candie!"


YW (Female)  Dec 3, 2015


Issue:More Clear and Relaxed Mind. Able to chant Da Bei Zhou fluently


“During the blessing I was relaxed immediately.


I could feel my neck and shoulder starting to relaxed, and heaviness was gone. My mind not only became clear, there is more energy. My whole body is so rejuvenated. My body is not achy anymore. It is like a thick layer of gray cloud was cleared away.


I can't thank Candie enough. I can't thank the Divine,the Tao Calligraphy and Master Sha enough. I feel so confident now.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

CBD CBD CBD (Countless Bow Down)


And I passed the test!”

TH (Female)  Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Relationship blessing with mom and sister


“I have been working on my relationship with my mother and sister for a while. Yesterday I received a session from Candie. She used a special method which including Calligraphy, Tao chanting and other healing powers. I was touched by her words, her love, and the love from Master Sha and Tao Guang.


This morning when I checked my wechat, I saw a picture of my sister from my niece. I know this is not coincident. My niece's soul is connected between my soul, my sister's soul.


I'm very grateful for her unconditional services. She has emphasized the Tao Calligraphy healing power and the power of chanting and tracing.


Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai”

PON (Female)  Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Clear Mind and Better Memory


“Much positivity surfaced in regards to my brain and memory and my vision got better. Hope, certainty and confidence took over where the opposite had been dwelling.”

PON (Female)  Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Stomach Discomfort


“My stomach became very warm and more comfortable. It had been very upset most of the day since early morning. I had to go to the restroom very often. I did have to take some pills to slow down my elimination. But the queeziness was still there until the blessing. Now its cleared.”



PON (Female) came to me for healing of discomfort in her body, stomach, digestive system, low back & knee pain, Clear Mind and Better Memory. 


I separate each of her requests in four healing blessing in one session on Dec 2, 2015.


Start the session with releasing stomach discomfort so client receive love and care from first, relief from pain can help client more relax and confidence with healing on low back, knee pain, digestive system and better memory and clear mind.


I guided her to relax, be in a safe place and I offer Tao Calligraphy Healing Blessing and Hypnotic suggestions.




PON (Female)  Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Digestive System


“During the healing my organs become happier especially my spleen and I saw much negativity that was stuck in my intestines leave.”

PON(Female)  Dec 2, 2015


Issue: Low Back and Knees Pain


“My knees are still a bit sore but much lighter and I am very hopeful that they will be completely well very soon.


I saw and felt pain leaving through gate that opened in my feet and lower back.”



LR (Female) Dec 4, 2015


Client came for a healing blessing for :

1: Remove fear to become powerful teacher

2: Build her Soul Power Group

3: Relationship with twins


I applied different modalities in her session including Tao Calligraphy Healing Blessing, Divine Healing Hands Blessing, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation and Reiki.

LR (Female)  Dec 4, 2015


Issue: Remove Fear to Become a Powerful Teacher


“The beautiful meditation and healing I received from Candie was most transforming for me.


Her words and voice really touched and opened my heart. I didn't realize I still didn't feel safe. I know this come from not being safe in my childhood, this made me cry as I let this go of the past.


I felt love and more love melting the blockages and the fear. I saw myself teaching with lots of students, Candie has so much love in her heart and voice.


I really felt well and happy after the Blessing. I feel very blessed, as she work the Tao Calligraphy for my kidneys and throat. I felt the white / golden light filling me with love.


Thank you Candie, I love you, I will definitely recommend you as a Tao Calligraphy Soul Healer.”




LR (Female)  Dec 4, 2015


Issue: Remove Blockages in Establishing her Soul Power Group


“The meditation that I received from Candie is so visual, I could visualize the guided meditation as she brought me deeper into my Zhong and letting go of any expectations or fear. I visualized my group growing and spreading. I felt the light filling me with love, compassion, confidence.


Candie's guided meditation as she sings and writes the Tao Calligraphy, I feel Candie's love and compassion to heal to want to give her all into blessings.


I was able to go deep into the stillness, the quietness. I was able to receive the blessing with all her love and compassion I could feel it. I am beyond grateful.


Thank you Candie, I love you!


I will do a follow up as my group grows and let you know. I have teleconference weekly and in person at my home."



LR (Female)  Dec 4, 2015


Issue: Remove Fear to Become a Powerful Teacher


“The guided meditation I was lead through by Candie. This is a new experience for me to have a guided meditation with the Tao Calligraphy blessing.


This is so beautiful as she takes me to a different place to relax and go deeper into the stillness as I receive the blessing.


I felt my heart opening and feel the love and light remove the blockages between my twins and myself. I felt the love and support, I saw my girls and I with a great relationship and with respect.


As Candie sings and draws the Tao Calligraphy I could feel Golden light filling the whole body including going to my twins. I saw us very happy together, no drama, are love and compassion and forgiveness.


I felt Candie's love and open heart as she lead the guided meditation, made me feel safe and very loved.


I do feel blockages between my twins and I are removed.


I look forward to seeing them when I get home from the Retreat and turn in another report for the transformation of the relationship between us.


I feel very blessed. I love you Candie. Thank you. I feel a closer relationship – heart to heart, soul to soul connection with Candie.”

TM (Female) Nov 29, 2015


Issue: Pain on Right Hip and Leg (Lyme Disease)


“I felt very peaceful and clear and strong from the guidance. I felt a release in my hip and also in my liver. Again, very peaceful. The pain has decreased a little and it takes a while for my body to react to healing. I will check in a few hours.”

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