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Theta Healing





ThetaHealing is a meditational process that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator. 

The one requirement in Theta Healing is that you must have a central belief in the Creator of All That Is.  ThetaHealing has no religious affiliation.  Neither are its processes specific to any age, sex, race, color, creed or religion.  Anyone with a pure belief in God or the Creative Force can access and use the branches of the ThetaHealing tree."  ~ V. Stibal (Founder of ThetaHealing)

These audio is to give you a taste of ThetaHealing, it is more beneficial to have an one-on-one session to deeply understand your need, share with you what's happened and your experiences.

Theta Healing can work on the Four Levels of Beliefs, DNA, Healing, Download Feelings and Beliefs, Send Love to the Baby in the Womb, release Fre-floating memory, Healing the Broken Soul, Breaking Psychic Hooks, Pull Out Curses and Bless Homes.......

Please text at 1 (408) 800-1322 or email to to schedule a time for your session.

Send Love to the Baby in the Womb

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